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Common Treatments

Please refer to the alphabetical list for many of the conditions which can be helped by Acupuncture. Further information relating to some of these problems can be found in the 'Articles' pages. The Articles pages will be added to from time to time.

To see some of the reasons why you should choose Acupuncture
and understand the Philosophy please read on...

Acupuncture is complementary to much of conventional medicine.

It is not an alternative to but can be complementary to surgery, transplants, removal of cancers, hip replacements and the like. While conventional medicine today has advanced tremendously in the treatment of acute illness, it has not been so successful when it comes to chronic illness and chronic pain. It has been generally accepted worldwide that acupuncture is of great value in reducing pain and illness of a chronic nature.
If you have a major illness, you should always check your situation with your doctor.

Acupuncture assists in a more speedy return to good health.

The speed of recovery for each individual after an operation ultimately depends on that person's capacity for the body to heal itself. Ancient studies and philosophers in China discovered that the body's energetic system is what heals us and makes us healthy, vital and alive. They also discovered that the body's innate power to heal itself could be stimulated by the use of very fine needles, inserted into specific points with specific functions.

Acupuncture prevents illness.

Acupuncture, in its original use, was to prevent the possibility of becoming 'dis-eased'. In the days of 'barefoot' TCM, the doctor was not paid if his/her patient became ill.

Acupuncture promotes the maximum state of well-being.

Even if you are not pathologically ill, what about that 'low' feeling, not being fully 'alive' and 'vital'? By using acupuncture you can promote your maximum state of well being, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually— and increase your total level of energy and well-being.

Acupuncture, after 4,000 years has no known harmful side effects.

Acupuncture today, has spread all over the world, is receiving widespread recognition and is being recommended by doctors, therapists, counsellors and specialists.

Acupuncture is Wholistic

In Chinese medicine, the mental, physical and emotional aspects of our health are not considered as absolutely separate and disconnected entities. Physiology is seen through the image of a harmonious flow of Energy within and without the body, which represents the proper function of our nervous system and good distribution of blood and body fluids. When this Energy flows freely through all our organs and tissues then mind, body and spirit are healthy. This manifests as well-being and happiness, a healthy mind in a healthy body.


New discoveries in the field of relativity and quantum physics, which have challenged our 'western' understanding of the world, appear to corroborate the ancient Chinese (and Indian) teachings. The idea that we are totally separate and independent individuals, and that consciousness─ our thoughts and what is perceived with the five senses─ gives us an objective view of our world, is an illusion. At the level of the infinitely small there is no absolute separation between individual things or beings. Reality must be considered as part of one infinite and indivisible Whole which can be imagined as a continuous flowing movement. The world as we know it emerges from this universal and immaterial flow upon which the shapes and forms of material reality keep changing, like ripples on an expanse of water.

The Chinese represented this Infinity as a circle, a line with no beginning and no end and the small world that is our own Self—our 'I'—is a small circle that is contained within the Whole. The illusion is: that we are somehow separated from our surroundings and observe the world from outside the circle, when in reality, we are part of it. To realise that we are part of this higher power and universal dimension is to realise that we have a responsibility to think, act and behave accordingly and live up to it. It also implies that every human being is equally precious and unique, with an extraordinary dimension and potential that can be tapped into. Acupuncture embraces the concepts of the energy circulation, the nervous system and the Shen (the mind and spirit) to help people, not only from a physical point of view, but also mentally and spiritually.