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September 18th, 2010 | Posted in Massage

The Chinese ideogram for  Compassion.


REIKISHI: ¬† A¬† Unique –¬† Person Oriented Treatment.

REIKISHI is my own combination treatment which combines elements of Ki-Massage, Shiatsu and Reiki.¬† It stems from my experience of¬† people over the years, who very often need something more: not just physical, not just emotional, not just relaxing, but something ‘more‘, a feeling of being cared for in a¬† ‘Who I Am’¬† kind of way . It is a ‘compassionate’ treatment.

It is a combination which I have found works extremely well in promoting relaxation, giving relief from the physical build-up of the stress caused by our modern way of living;¬† balancing energy and¬† treating specific problems.¬† It includes some relaxing techniques of Ki-Massage with the use of oil, using acupressure points and Shiatsu techniques to rebalance the physical body and balancing the chakra system with Reiki¬† —¬† but it is much more than that. ¬† It is¬† a space for an awareness of our essential self.¬† It is ultimately based on the essential quality of being human and coping with the life we find ourselves involved in.


It deals with Ch’i,¬† Qi,¬† Ki,¬† Prana,¬† Essence of Life,¬† Life Energy –¬† all names for the healing energy of the body. There is a pattern, a matrix, a blueprint in the mind of the pattern of the energy structure in the body that the body uses when healing itself.¬† The life energy vitalises all the physiological functions within the body. The energy pattern comes first and the structure reflects the energy.¬†¬† Any injury/disease which affects the physiological structure also distorts the energy structure.¬† Therefore, not only physical rebalancing but an energetic rebalancing is necessary to complete a healing.¬† Normally, if the flow of energy is disrupted or distorted or blocked, it is repaired by the master plan/blueprint but, if the injury is too great or the traumatic effects on the mind or emotions are too great, then chronic health problems can arise.

Because our Qi, our Life Energy, forms a link between the mind and the body it is easier to resolve both physical and emotional disturbances and imbalances at the same time by working on our energy‚ÄĒour Ki.

A human being has a physical body; an energy system; a mind and a spirit.

  • Our Physical body is affected by: nutrition, exercise, massage, manipulation and as a last resort‚ÄĒsurgery.
  • Our Energetic body is affected by balancing the flow of our energy.
  • Our Mind is affected by positive/negative thoughts, attitudes and affirmations.
  • Our Spirit includes our whole sense of BEing and our vitality for life.

REIKISHI does not treat only the illness or the disease.¬† It treats the person. It treats the whole person‚ÄĒtheir body, their mind, their spirit and their energy itself.

On a ‘technical level’¬† the life energy follows patters/laws similar to electromagnetic energy but is not identical to it.¬† Life energy flows from top to bottom, from the crown chakra to the base chakra, from the head to the feet and back up.¬† It spirals out horizontally from each of the chakra centres, flowing everywhere in the body.

The body takes in heaven’s energy through the crown chakra and earth’s energy through the feet. It takes in surrounding energy through the hands and it takes air and food through the nose, mouth and, importantly, the skin.¬† Touching or hugging a tree, smelling a flower, seeing visually through the eyes, hearing sounds through the ears and tactile energy through the body’s skin and hair are all sources of energy intake.¬† Energy flows around, through, in and out of us.¬† We project our energy into our actions, our thoughts, our feelings and our spiritual longings or beliefs.

Energy flows down the right side of the front of the body and up the right side of the back, it flows up the left front and down the left back.  The chakras and joints are neutral points of energy and of the five elements,  Ether is neutral, Air is negative, Water is negative, Earth is positive and Fire is positive.